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Is Lily Cole a Ginger Minger or a Redheaded Vixen?

You decide.

Is Lily Cole a Ginger Minger or a Redheaded Vixen?
She has a very unique look. Not what I'd call pretty, but definitely striking.
Reply:she looks like a foxy alien chick
Reply:She's a fox.
Reply:Shes stunning.
Reply:shes just ok
Reply:She's a minger! She has such a funny shaped head she looks like an Alien. I allways feel sick when I look at her!
Reply:shes a supermodel! definitely vixen
Reply:Yuck. I wouldnt touch her for free ............ seriously ........
Reply:Another underfed munter telling young girls it's okay to live on half a lettuce leaf per day. She looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp, too.
Reply:she's very pretty, but in a strange sort of way
Reply:The REAL question you should ask yourself is whether you are a moron or an imbecile.

Hope this helps.
Reply:How old is she? she looks like a spoon person.
Reply:She looks like a spoon on fire.
Reply:Compared to this she is a goddess x

What are the bad and good effects of bilimbi or ginger lily?

please specify the thing that make it bad or good.....

orrrrr.... what your relatives know coz we also need folkloric ones...

thank you.

What are the bad and good effects of bilimbi or ginger lily?
Bilimbi and ginger lily are different plants:

Bilimbi, Averrhoa bilimbi, Oxalidaceae, contains proteine, minerals, vitamines and - depending on variety - more or less oxalic acid ( see source for more details ).

The sorts with low amount of oxalic acid are used as vegetable in relishs, curries, for jam or juice.

The medical use varies in the different countries: external use against swellings of mumps and rheumatism, and on skin eruptions, bites of poisonous animals, veneral disease, internal use leaves as a remedy for coughs, tonic after childbed, infusion of flowers against coughs and thrush.

A sirup prepared from the fruit is taken as a cure for fever and inflammation and to stop rectal bleeding and alleviate internal hemorrhoids.

In this publication:

hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activities are reported.

In Malaysia, very acid bilimbi is used to clean the kris blade and as mordant in silk-dyeworks ( orange )

Its juice cotains enough oxalic acid to be useful for bleaching stains from the hands and rust from white cloth, and also tarnish from brass.

For "ginger lily" there are to find two different plants


Alpinia species ( )

and Hedychium species

( ), both Zingiberaceae.

They are cultivated as ornamental flowers and the essential oil of Alpinia galanga is used in cosmetics and massage oils

The rhizome is used to create a tincture that is applied topically to treat fungal skin infections.

The rhizome is taken orally to enhance digestion, treat intestinal infection, Type II Diabetes, bronchitis, rheumatism, and as an aphrodesiac.

Ginger flower (butterfly lily) won't bloom?

i have several pots of white ginger flower, or so call the Btterfly Lily. unfortunately i live in a condo, i have a concret back yard, i have to grow them in planter.

they grow very tall and lush but just won't bloom!?

i had them for more then 3 years now, i got a couple of bulbs during these time, very frustrating.

i love the fragrant, we have these flowers back home(taiwan) and i really miss the smell of it

the planters are on the east side of the back yard with tree shade half of the day. i water it regularly

Ginger flower (butterfly lily) won't bloom?
How big of a container do you have them in? A plant that large is certain to need at least a 25 liter container or half barrel to do well. I'm not that familiar with Butterfly lily, but I know of other plants that will not bloom if they are root bound. Their roots need a lot of room to spread out. I wish I could be more help, but that is all I can think of since I've never grown a butterfly lily. Have you given it fertilizer?

Good Luck
Reply:It is extremely important to make sure there is good drainage where you plant your bulbs and that you fertilize the bulbs 3 times with a well-balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer. Fertilize once when planting, once when they just come above the surface, and once right after flowering.

Container plants cannot get all the nutrients they need after about 3 months, so you need to feed them.

flower arrangements

Can a white butterfly ginger lily be grown indoors?

The white butterfly ginger lily or white garland-lily is a bit large for indoors ( 2 to 6 feet tall ).

It is more cold hardy than the most gingers, It tolerates an occasional light freeze but can't stand temperatures below zero for a longer time; it should be grown in cold green houses or at least in a windprotected place with well covered rhizomes; when risk of late freezings has gone by you can place them outside or remove the protections.

Another possibility is to dig up the rhizomes to overwinter, like the tubers of Dahlia f.e. and replant them in spring.

Hedychium gardenrianum (ginger lily) - how can I get it to flower?

I've always longed for one and have now bought it. However a friend tells me she's had one for years and it hasn't flowered. She says our summers are too short.

I didn't want it in a pot. Any suggestions?

Hedychium gardenrianum (ginger lily) - how can I get it to flower?
Hi please note the bloom time

Botani name:

Hedychium gardnerianum



German name:

smelling Zieringwer, ginger lily

Short description:

Most beautiful and fluffiest Hedychium kind. Staude with thick, fleshy Rhizomen, which can deform plastic pots rapidly. On long bloom impulses show up the eastern sweetly smelling gold-yellow blooms with their long orangenen dust threads as upright bloom candles. Sheets and stature remind of Canna.


Himalaya, Nepal

Bloom time:

October - Decembers


sunny - halfshady, well humose earth

Pour, a fertilizing:

pour in the summer plentifully and fertilize weekly


in the late winter soil-evenly back-cut

moegl. Parasits:

no special susceptibility


brightly or darkly with 5 - 12 °C, nearly drying holds

Kind for excavator bucket culture:

H. coronarium (knows), H. densiflorum (yellow/orange), H. gardnerianum

Special characteristic:

- smell plant -

Is there any study conducted regarding ginger lily juice?

ginger lily is also known as kamias

Is there any study conducted regarding ginger lily juice?
The academic literature reflects a limited at best selection of entries...I was in fact only able to locate one full, older study that deals specifically with contraceptive properties.

"Initiatives Popul. 1986;8(2):22, 31-35. Herbal contraceptives: exploring indigenous methods of family planning.Quijano Nv Jr.

PIP: The study, "Herbal Contraceptives: An Alternative Strategy in Family Planning", was conducted by the Research Institute for Mindanao Culture, Xavier University, for the Population Center Foundation. The study has 2 phases: 1) phase 1 gathered information from the regional population offices on the areas where herbs are grown, and 2) phase 2 sought to obtain data on the preparation and perceived effectiveness of herbal contraceptives. Results indicate that, in most of the Philippine regions, herbal contraceptives had long been used by women in the rural areas, specifically those in the indigenous groups. The 1984 study found that many rural women in the research area

---%26gt; preferred the Kamias drink and other herbal concoctions to the pill and other modern contraceptive methods. %26lt;-- Among college-educated women, it was found that acceptance of contraceptives was influenced more by their religion rather than by their education. Most of the respondents said they used herbal contraceptives because they were easily obtained and were inexpensive. Generally, they considered herbal contraceptives much safer than other contraceptives methods. Some women who had been using modern family planning methods are now using herbs in delaying pregnancy; this shift is mainly due to the side effects of the modern methods. There is room for a compromise between folk practices and modern science, as in the case of herbal contraceptives. "

Sorry I couldn't be more help. You may want to try some of the alternative therapy websites; they might have anecdotal studies and data to share.